www.woin8.com is a Website operated by

WOIN8 Bancorp LLC
Identification Number: 404665082
WOIN8 Bancorp LLC is registered by the LEPL National Agency of Public Registry as a provider of activities of: Payment Processing and Electronic Wallet Services; Electronic Money Issuance Services; Trustee Services; Hedge Fund Business Services.

WOIN8 Finance LLC
UCI: 207239291
the company is officially registered in Sofia – Republic of Bulgaria and is accredited by the NRA (National Revenue Agency) of Bulgaria as a provider of: Creation of software products and applications, consulting services, currency trading, purchase and sale of currencies, online services, design, construction and operation of servers for servicing payment transactions in currencies initiated with online banking or bank cards, construction of platforms and mobile applications, design, standardisation, construction and operation of operational connectivity with local and international authorisation centers, exchanges and payment systems, development, testing and approval of technical and software tools to provide.

Registry ID: BC1384323
Foreign exchange dealing / Opérations de change
Money transferring / Transfert de fonds
Dealing in virtual currencies / Commerce de monnaies virtuelles

WOIN8 Bancorp LLC is an official Agent of the
European Union Operator:

SatchelPay, UAB, legal entity code 304628112,
registered address at Geležinio vilko g. 18A, Vilnius, Lithuania (Satchel),
e-mail address [email protected] is a licensed electronic money institution,
license No 03-34, supervised by the Bank of Lithuania.


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