October 31, 2023

Dear Clients and Partners,

As promised, we wish to provide you with an update on the recent allegations surrounding WOIN8.

Our team has engaged with the FMA, and they have since issued a public statement, which can be found on their website:

As the FMA’s review is ongoing, we feel it appropriate to avoid commenting further on the matter.
However, we wish to affirm our commitment to addressing any inaccuracies and ensuring that the facts are duly and truthfully presented.

Reiterating our previous statement, we emphasise that WOIN8 has never operated as an investment platform nor have we engaged in any brokerage activities.
This is technically not even possible on WOIN8’s platform and never was, therefore we could never have offered such services. We also want to remark that WOIN8 is not an Austrian company and has never claimed to be one.
Regrettably, certain online platforms, purporting to represent consumer interests and self-proclaimed journalists, have distorted the FMA’s statement. They have reported complete incorrect information, with unsubstantiated claims about WOIN8’s history and clientele – seemingly for click-driven revenue.
We caution the entities behind these platforms that public defamation, particularly when done for personal profit, can be both a civil and a criminal offense. Our legal team is actively addressing these misrepresentations.

To our esteemed clients and partners;
Whereas we feel that there is no need to provide any further reassurances, we wish to address that all our services are fully functional and are working without any issues and in full compliance with the regulations. Our development team is diligently working on improving our offering, and we are confident in the future enhancements of our existing applications and forthcoming products. We are excited to share with you soon our newest innovations.

Your WOIN8 Team